During the Great Recession, many employees felt lucky to have a job. Now that things are improving, they're updating their resumes and looking for greener pastures.

But how do you know when it's time to leave? Should you ever quit one job without having another?

These are some good questions. Some of the answers may include:

  • Not finding meaning in your work
  • Stress is overwhelming you
  • You have no desire to go to a higher position in the company
  • You have the funds available for your freedom to change
  • Management bullies you
  • You have a plan

More Americans are quitting their jobs, suggesting many are growing more confident in the job market.  The Labor Department says the number of people who quit their jobs in April jumped 7.2 percent to 2.25 million.

The growth in hiring and quits provides more evidence of a dynamic job market that is making slow but steady strides. It follows Friday's May employment report, which showed the economy added a net 175,000 net jobs last month.

Most workers quit their jobs when they have a new position or feel confident that they can find one quickly. And when they do, it opens up more opportunities for other Americans, including the unemployed.