(AP) - Miranda Lambert feels she has been hit pretty hard by the tabloids and online gossip sites. And now, she's hitting back - through her music.

She addresses what she sees as the darker side of fame in her new album, "Platinum." Lambert says she understands that being talked about in the media is "part of the job" of being famous. But she says there are times that she and husband Blake Shelton want people to know they "didn't sign up for this" when they became country singers.

She says while the talk about her weight and the status of her marriage to Shelton are "hard to get used to" - she tries to defuse gossip in her song "Priscilla," taken from the name of Elvis Presley's widow. Lambert says she isn't trying to paint her and her husband as Elvis and Priscilla - but they are using the song to make light of the way the tabs treat her and Shelton at times.