Sometimes in the world of Country Music you hear a song and think, "Really? That's Country?"  I feel kind of like my Dad did when he first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  He wasn't exactly sure what"that kind of junk" was, but it wasn't his music.

Thankfully for us lovers of what I call the "Heart of Country Music", there's still artist's that keep it country.  And Mark Chesnutt is one!  The boy from Beaumont, Texas is celebrating his 49th birthday September 6 and with great hits like "Brother Jukebox", "Lord Loves A Drinkin' Man" and "Rollin' With The Flow", he's bringing the heart of Country Music right on into the 21st Century.

Happy Birthday Mark!  And thanks for keepin' it Country here on Classic Country 1000 KXRB!