Two women were defrauded out of $4,000 last Friday in Sioux Falls by a man who sold them what turned out to be fake diamonds.

Police say the man came into a nail salon on South Shirley Avenue and said he had five diamonds to sell.

Officer Sam Clemens says two would-be buyers went with the man to several jewelry stores, where experts said the diamonds were real.

They returned to the salon and two women bought the diamonds for a total of four thousand dollars.

Later, Clemens says the women had suspicions about the transaction, so they went back to an expert and learned the stones they had bought were phonies.

One of the women told police she doesn't know when it happened, but the seller switched the real diamonds for fakes.

Clemens says the fraudster was described as a heavy-set black male more than 50 years old, with graying hair. He was driving a large green SUV.

Clemens says the women have a telephone number, but they don't know the man's name.