A man who mugged a stranger in New York City in the 1970's stumbled across him again 35 years later in a random Facebook post and used  it as a chance to apologize.

Michael Goodman was 18 when he demanded a then 17-year old Claude Soffel give up his bus pass as a way to impress his friends who didn't believe he was in a graffiti gang.

Goodman was arrested on the spot by a couple of plain clothes officers and was sentenced to three weeks of community service, cleaning up graffiti on the streets of New York City.

Goodman is now 53 and living in Hawaii, but never forgot Soffel or his crime. He was on Facebook and was reading a post about an NYC bagel shop that had closed when he saw a post from the now 52 year old Soffel. Goodman saw it as a chance to make amends and ask for forgiveness 35 years later.

Soffel saw the post and responded:

Facebook can be a pretty cool place, huh?