It's hard to imagine what's going to happen after posting this. The students at USD, SDSU, DSU and DWU USF and Augie students, will most likely try to 'out do' this guy named Logan Paul.

He's what you call a 'Viner' He's a college student who's well on his way to a job on Saturday Night Live.

Most of the time when I watch college age kids being funny is shrug it off, but this guy is super talented.  And he has a heck of a following.  1 million fans on Twitter.

Thanks To Aaron Blumer.  Thanks to you and your tweet this morning on Twitter, you started my day with a laugh.

Enjoy, and share this post with your fellow students on Facebook and Twitter.  Hit the share button. Oh and parents, it's a great conversation starter with your college age student.  Tell em' you checked it out.  They may look at you a little funny when you mention it, but you'll be hipper for knowing.

Hey, that's my job