I have now happily achieved the advanced age where I firmly believe at least one thing:

What this country needs is a good Western on television.  In fact, eight or nine good westerns would be even better!

There was a day...indeed there was a day.  You young 'uns might not believe this, but not too many years ago (Oh OK, more than not too many) the television airwaves were filled with great adventures in the Old West.  And this was back in the day of only 2 or 3 choices on your living room black and white TV set!

Just to name a few...'Bonanza', 'Gunsmoke', 'Wanted: Dead Or Alive', 'Rawhide' (Who is that young fella playin' Rowdy Yates??), 'Wagon Train', 'The Rifleman', 'Have Gun Will Travel' and...on and on.  A week wasn't complete unless you spent some time with the Barkley family down there in 'The Big Valley'

From 1962-1971, and for 249 episodes, James Drury was 'The Virginian'.  It was the third longest running Western series in television history (topped only by 'Bonanza at 14 seasons and 'Gunsmoke' with an incredible 20 seasons!).

James Drury as 'The Virginian' was the epitome of 'cool'.  Check out the video clip below, saddle up the horse and ride along back to the days of the great TV Westerns.