We were all singing star's, at least in our living rooms, thanks to a man named Mitch Miller.

It was the early 1960's when NBC began airing a series that became a hit from 1961-1964.  It was called 'Sing Along With Mitch'.

Each week this variety musical show would not only present singers belting out favorite pop songs (many from decades earlier), but actually urged viewers to join in and sing along.

But wait....what if you didn't know the words??

No problem, technology stepped in and as if by magic, the words to the song would appear on the bottom of that black and white TV screen!

Oh and by the way, an interesting note:  Most of us who watched the show remember a bouncing little ball that would tap the top of each word as it was supposed to be sung.  Well, actually there never was a bouncing ball!  Mitch Miller said that through they years people would always mention that famous bouncing ball, but we must remember that from something else.  Hmmm....

Oh, and Mitch Miller?  Well, thanks to that hit show he sold millions more records.  He was married to the same woman over 65 years and died after a short illness in 2010 at the ripe old age of 99!