As you know here at KXRB and we are all about keeping the country music real country.  We play all the classic, from all the Hank's, Patsy, Buck, Loretta, Lefty, Webb, Conway, and....well, all the classics.

And then we play a few select 'new' artist's that, indeed, keep it country.  Teea Goans is a great example, and Mary Sarah sure sounds like great traditional country to me.

With all that in mind, you may not be familiar with the name Zane Williams.  At least, I wasn't...until i heard a song called 'Little Too Late', a new song with a great 'real country' feel to it.  So I did a little exploring.

Turns out Zane if a Texas fella (not too much of a shock I suppose!)  According to his website (check it out at he's released a lot of music, is an accomplished and successful songwriter (OK, so now I like him even better!), left Texas, moved to Nashville and then moved back to Texas.

Well, 'Little Too Late' crossed my desk and here it is, in case you haven't heard it.  I like it a lot and hope you do too.  And be listening for it on KXRB and

Here's to real country music!