Les Paul changed the way music was played.  And listened to.

Now you can visit a Les Paul guitar exhibition and see the genius of Les Paul.

(AP) - It's often said a prophet may not be honored in his hometown. But make a solid body guitar, kick in a few bucks of your own - and your hometown will definitely hook you up.

After more than a decade of planning, there will be a memorial exhibit for the legendary Les Paul in his Wisconsin hometown of Waukesha.

Paul developed the solid-body electric guitar that helped make rock 'n' roll a force in music - as well as other technologies and recording techniques that are standard in the business today.

Paul had to open his storage chest and wallet to make exhibit possible. He loaned the Waukesha County Museum some personal items, wrote a personal check for $25,000 for expenses - and played a concert to raise $100,000 for the project. Paul died in 2009.