I've always loved Jimmy Stewart.

Even now, whenever a Jimmy Stewart classic movie comes on TCM or one of the other classic movie channel's, I just have to stop to watch.

I think Jimmy is one of the great 'everyman' actors in movie history.  He seemed to often play the 'ordinary' guy and would bring that role to life.  It might be a mystery, it might be a comedy, a western or a fantasy (I just can't miss 'It's A Wonderful Life at holiday time).

Jimmy was nominated for an Academy Award five times and received the prestigious Lifetime Achievment award.  Mr. Stewart lived to be 89 years old, passing way on July 2, 1997.

Oh, and one other thing.  Jimmy Stewart was one great story teller!

Look and listen in to him here....it's 1989 and Jimmy Stewart joins another legend, Johnny Carson, on 'The Tonight Show'.