1959 could be called the year of Billy Grammer.

He had a hit single called 'Gotta travel On' that was both a pop and country music smash.  The song sold well over a million copies and was one of those songs that, well, you couldn't go anywhere on the radio dial without hearing it.

The oldest of 13 children (13!) Billy came out of Illinois and came upon his musical talent honestly.  His Father was also a musician.

It was while he and his wife were living in Washington, D.C. that Billy signed a record contract.  And when 1959 rolled around Billy became a household name thanks to the mega-success of 'Gotta Travel On'.  It was also in 1959 that Billy joined the World Famous Grand Ole Opry and entertained fans for decades.

Billy toured and played concerts for many years, but a degenerative eye disease finally robbed him of his sight completely.

Billy Grammer passed away August 10, 2011 at the age of 85.