What color is your vehicle? Do you blend in or are you somewhat of a miss fit out there?

If you're styling down the street in a neon green hot rod, you most likely turn some heads. But if your car is white, you may find yourself trying to make your keys work in the wrong vehicle at the supermarket parking lot by mistake.

What are the most popular colors for cars in Sioux falls, SD? I went direct to the source to get my answer, the people that sell automotive paint.

I called Ed Layher at Sturdevant's Refinish Supply Center in Sioux Falls. Ed has over 20 years on the job.

Ed explained that for many years silver was the biggest mover. But recently white has become number one. Black falls into third, and then from there it becomes a complex variety.

Next I did some investigation on a national level. PPG Industries, which conducts an annual survey to determine which car colors are the most popular around the world, reported that white beat out silver for the second year in a row. Prior to that, silver was on top for a decade. I asked them for a detailed breakdown of their study.

The top car colors worldwide for the 2012 model year:

    White: 22 percent
    Silver: 20 percent
    Black: 19 percent
    Gray: 12 percent
    Red: 9 percent
    Natural: 8 percent
    Blue: 7 percent
    Green: 2 percent
    Other colors: 1 percent