The word 'genius' is overused.  So is the world 'brilliant'.  You hear them so much these days that they've lost their meaning.

But they apply here.

Johnny Carson was a genius at his craft.  And was was brilliant at what he did.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson wasn't just a popular late night show.  It owned late night.  Oh I know, Letterman is great, Leno was awesome, Fallon is an up-and-comer, Kimmel is funny....but they're not Johnny.  And they'd probably be the first to tell you that.

In a time when there was basically 3 channel's (ABC,NBC,CBS)...and then through what I would call the 'beginning' of cable television, when 10:30 P.M. hit....well, there was really only one channel, NBC with 'The Tonight Show'.  The other networks?  Hmm..well, I guess they must have had something on, didn't they??

In this great classic video, 'Mr. Warmth', Don Rickles stops by to visit with Johnny.