These days when you turn on the television, sports star's and celebrities are on ad's selling everything from cars to movies to razor blades to video games.

It might be Blake Griffin, it might be Kevin Durant, it could be Aaron Rogers or fact, probably...LeBron James.

But in case you think this phenomena is new, ahhh....let's go back...

Joe Namath was a football player, right?  Well, that would be like saying China is a little piece of ground.  True, Joe Namath was a football player, but he was also Broadway Joe!

And 'back in the day', back in the olden days, the days of three networks and that was it, Joe was the commercial spokesman.

In this great classic commercial for Noxema, Joe gets creamed by....wait, who is that??  Oh my gosh, that's Farah Fawcett!

Well, if she comes along with a can of Noxema, heck, I'll take a case!