If you talk to someone that says they actually enjoy cleaning their house, chances are they either have OCD or they're lying their butt off!

There's a new study out that says ONLY 7% of people enjoy cleaning their house. That means 93% of us would rather do anything else other than clean. And by the sounds of it, people really mean it too!

44% say they would rather speak in public than clean. 30% would rather take a six-hour ride with their in-laws than clean and another 27% said they'd rather dress up as Little Bo Peep than be forced to clean toilets, vacuum and mop floors. Okay, so I lied about the Little Bo Beep part. But I'm sure we could find plenty of people that would give it some serious consideration over having to scrub a bathtub every week!

Marry Maids and other cleaning services must be doing a booming business these days?

If you're wondering the room people hate to clean the most, it would be the bathroom. I gotta believe the kitchen has to be a close second, followed by the garage. Especially this time of the year.  If your garage looks anything like mine, cleaning that sucker will be an all day project!

Oh by the way, only 37% of people change the sheets on their beds once a month.

Somewhere out there, Monk is freaking out right about now upon reading that.