I don't want to sound like an old timer talking here, but I remember when a couple hundred bucks could get you a little weekend get away. Now days you need to budget more around $1000 just to get out of the house for a few nights.

I mean if it's let's say a trip to Omaha for example, let's plan on around $225 a night for a room at a place where you can at least feel like you are somewhat treating yourself to desirable establishment. Let's plan on a Friday and Saturday night adding in all the magic taxes and we've all ready spent $600 before leaving town.

I guess we live in a world where it's sometimes hard to realize how things are changing. But my memory is still working perfectly and I remember a room at a nice place for under $100.

But who are we to complain about small time issues? Let's see what the high rollers are paying. Going into this I have to wonder if the world is going nuts.

Nothing says "senseless overspending" like blowing thousands on a place to sleep, shower and store your clothes while you go about your day. For anyone with a few hundred thousand to squander, this is a to-do list. For the rest of us, it's a can't-do, won't-do, don't-even-want-to-do list.

According to CNN Travel, here are the Top 5 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World:

1. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

$65,000 per night

2. The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India

$45,000 per night


3. Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, Four Seasons Hotel, New York

$41,836 per night


4. Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France

$37,500 per night


5. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Resort, Las Vegas

$35,487 per night