Dr. Ken Druck,  a pioneer in the psychology of men for the past 35 years,  will never forget the day his daughter was tragically killed.

"In a moment everything changed when my oldest daughter Jenna died 16 years ago.  Although her death affects me,  ultimately her life has changed me.   Jenna was and is the love that I that continue to hold for her in my heart.  Jenna was and is the love of my life."

From personal experience, Ken knows what it takes to turn adversity into victory.

"The first thing is to try not to put a spin in anything.  We need to mourn our losses.  Too often we try to rush people through their losses.  We give people the illusion there is a fix to every problem and a pill for every pain.  The truth is we need to be able to work through and process our grief.  That takes time.  The first step in turning any kind of loss or adversity into a personal and spiritual deepening is to allow ourselves the period of sorrow.  We also need to learn what we can do to help ourselves.  Perhaps, it's taking a walk every morning or talking to trusted friends.  The bottom line is this:  do the things that are helping!"

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