Remember the real days of enjoying TV? I mean the good old days!

Back when during your day of work or school, you knew what you were going to be watching on TV that night. You couldn't wait for evening to come.

There was no channel surfing. There were no channels to surf.

We had one channel and it was full of all good stuff. I don't remember anything coming on that I didn't like.

I do remember looking at that dial on the TV that had all those channel numbers. I often wondered why they were there. I sometimes would let my imagination run wild and think of maybe the day will come when those channels would exist.

Then there was the antenna up on the roof. That was our connection to the entertainment world. I never even considered a day would come when you would have to pay to get a TV station.

If someone would have told me that someday I would have hundreds of channels and would be paying around a hundred bucks a month for TV, I would have laughed at them.

Now here we are in amazement. And what we are amazed at is the fact that there's nothing to watch.