You don't think nothing of it if someone asks you, 'Hey, how's it going?' They do it all the time. But what if someone walked up to you and asked, 'How's your marriage going?'

That may make you think a bit. Maybe your not sure. Maybe it seems great. Perhaps you think it's not so great.

Take a look at this list of statistics that we got from the study done by the University of California, Berkeley. Maybe it will help you get a better feel on your life's situation.

  • More than half of couples say they hug or kiss anytime they have the chance.
  • 36% say they get affectionate at least three times a day.
  • 67% of wives say they do all the grocery shopping.
  • 33% of married people have no idea what their spouse earns.
  • 17% of married people have thrown something at their spouse when they were angry.
  • More than a third have slept apart because of a fight.
  • 31% say they don't talk for an hour after a fight with their spouse.
  • 21% don't talk for at least a day after fighting with their spouse.
  • 19% stop the silent treatment after about five minutes.
  • 26% never do that silent treatment thing.
  • 60% of wives are responsible for balancing the bank balance.
  • 56% of wives are in charge of paying all the bills.
  • 38% of wives are in complete control of the family budget.
  • 53% of married people tell spouses they love them at least once a day. 15% say it once a week. 4% hardly say it at all; 23% never say it.
  • 69% of married people say there are no secrets in their marriage.
  • 11% say they keep quiet about money.
  • 10% keep quiet about affairs.
  • 6% keep their weight a secret.
  • 45% of couples say they'd share each others toothbrush. 36% would only use their spouse's toothbrush in an emergency. 19% never would use their spouse's toothbrush.

Couples who use the word 'we' more than the word 'I' appear to have stronger marriages because they have a greater sense of shared identity.

An unhappy marriage may be as bad for your health as a fast food diet.