If you think this frigid weather is hard on you, imagine how worse it would be if your car fails. That machine that you take for granted to get you to your destination needs your attention more now than ever.

If it were to leave you stalled with wind chills to 50 below zero, you could be in a life threatening situation.

Or can you depend on it to even start in the first place? There are measures you can take to be prepared.

We went straight to the pros on this one. We visited Billion GMC Buick at 41st and Minnesota in Sioux Falls, SD. In the very busy service department, we had a chance to visit with Service Consultant Andy Harstad.

We had questions about batteries, oil and gas. These three things are key for car survival in subzero temperatures.

On the battery, Andy pointed out that, '5 years is old for a battery.' Andy also says, '10% is the maximum for ethanol blend in gas for this time of year.'