Join me on this topic Wednesday morning. I am going to take calls from the audience and have them tell me how and where they proposed to their mate.

This is going to be interesting hearing about various methods of proposal. We can look forward to hearing from people who have been married for a long time.

How about you? Where did you pop the question? How did you do it? Were you scared of being turned down?

In my case, I feel it was done in a unique way. First, I wanted to take Lorlane to her absolute favorite place in the world and have her be there when I asked her to marry me.

Without her knowing what was coming, she told me her favorite place was St. Peter Church in Manila in the Philippines (Take a look at some pictures of this church).  So we went there and that's where I asked the question.

And it worked for me because there's no better place than a church for praying. I prayed she wouldn't turn me down. She said: "YES"