When I read a headline that touts the "Hottest food trends for the upcoming year!", I expect to have a fireworks-gasp-"you've got to be kidding" kind of reaction, after I find out what they are. What I had was a shrug and a "hmph". But you make up your own mind.

Here, according to the Wall Street Cheat Sheet are some of the hottest food trends for 2014:

  • Low Tea - -If you are a fan of all things British, you may be familiar with the term "high tea", which for true Brits is more of a dinner than a tea-and-scone type of thing. It is a full blown, savories and sweets gastronomical delight. Low tea is a light afternoon snack or light meal served around 4 pm and the prognosticators at The Food Channel think it is going to become, "a thing."
  • Healthy Kids Meals- -So long hot dogs, pizza and fries! Hello apples, carrots and tofu! There is no question the fight against obesity needs to continue in our country and apparently restaurants will be stepping up to the plate, (pardon the pun), to help.
  • Exotic meats- -I eat venison, (which I like). I've had alligator, (which I didn't, it was chewy and kind of sour), I ate rabbit when I was a kid because our parents insisted "you try everything once" and it wasn't bad. My dad sauteed it with Marsala wine, garlic, and butter. Of course you could saute a shoe with those three ingredients and it would be palatable. Supposedly this will really be a hot trend and feature farm-to-table fare like goat and pigeon.
  • Ice cream sandwiches- - Count me in on this one! If there is anything wrong with ice cream squished between all manner of sweet cookie-ish layers, I can't think of it! Unless it is pigeon ice cream in a tofu cookie! Yuck!

So there you are, just a few of the big food trends for the year. If you'd like to see the complete list, you'll find it here.