We had told you last week that Garth Hudson (one of the founding member's of 'The Band') was going to have his possession's sold to pay back storage rent.

Well, hold on just a minute, Cowboy. According to the Associated Press, Garth can keep his things, at least for the time being.

(AP) A founding member of The Band has caught a break that will - at least for now - keep his stuff from being sold off at auction.

A New York state landlord had planned to sell some of his possessions to recover unpaid storage costs. But Garth Hudson won a restraining order to block the auction, which had been set for April 6.

The landlord tells the Times Herald-Record of Middletown, New York he wants to sell the stuff to recoup at least $60,000 in storage fees. A lawyer for Hudson says the landlord has both illegally taken some of his stuff - and is claiming that Hudson owes more storage fees than he really does.

Hudson played keyboards, trumpet and sax for The Band - and some of the stuff being offered for sale included one of his saxes and cassette recordings of The Band's shows.