It should go without saying that the perfect gift isn't the same for everyone. Today, my story is about bad gifts for women

Now I'm not saying that there aren't men hoping for cologne and women longing for power tools. But let's get real here!

If you get your wife or girlfriend a vacuum cleaner or a gym membership and don't understand why she's insulted, I can't help you. What message are you sending when you buy her a treadmill?

Guys need to think about the gift from the woman's perspective. Put some serious thought into it and if you think she may take it wrong, take it back while you still have time and get something else.

Sorry if you were just feeling good about having your Christmas shopping all wrapped up and now I just messed things up for you. But, I'm just trying to help. Here are the top 5 worst gifts for her:

  • Any Appliance She Didn't Ask For

Unless she specifically asked for a waffle maker or blender, don't buy her one. Even women who enjoy cooking don't want to feel it's expected.

  •  Clothes

Clothes are a no-no for several reasons. There's the size issue. If you get her something too big, she'll probably be offended, if you get her something too small, she might feel bad about herself. There's also the style issue.

If a wardrobe makeover is what she wants, make a nice card promising to take her on a shopping spree with your cash.

  • A Framed Picture Of Yourself

This gift is strangely common and it's presence on almost every 'worst gifts' list out there should tell you to steer away from this. Nothing says you're self-absorbed like a framed photo of yourself posing like a model. And the picture of yourself when you were 6 years old? That's not cute either. Better idea? A picture of the two of you doing something memorable.

  • Anything That Can't Be Easily Exchange

If your significant other absolutely hates the expensive gift you bought her, be sure you can exchange it, for her sake and yours.

  • Diet Or Fitness Products

Unless you're looking for trouble, don't buy her anything related to losing weight. The implication is that you're not satisfied with her the way she is. If you do this, it's lights out brother!