When I was a kid my mom would gather up the dirty laundry and head to the cellar (yes, cellar...it wasn't a basement).  There it stood, the washing machine with the ringer.  No, that ringer didn't make a sound unless you got your finger caught in it.  Then the neighbor's a half-mile away could hear you!

Into the washer with the clothes and then she'd reach over and grab the...


Not familiar with Oxydol?  Then you must wear a younger person's skin.

The laundry detergent was created in 1914 and purchased by Procter and gamble in 1927.  Oxydol sponsored old radio show's in the 1930's and 1940's, like 'Ma Perkins' and then helped put the 'soap' in 'soap opera' on daytime television in the 1950's.

Hey, it was not only detergent but was so innovative it also had bleach in it, as the commercial from 1957 will tell you!

Can you imagine a TV commercial like this one today??  No computer generated graphics, no whizz, boom, bang...just buy Oxydol and get your clothes sparkling clean!