Pastor Jeff Hayes of Faith Temple Church in Sioux Falls says there will be 2 major food giveaways this week---one on Monday and the other on Friday.

Pastor Hayes tells KSOO Radio:  "we expect to have about 15 thousand pounds of food for each giveaway this week.  That will include meat, vegetables, fruit, bread,  and some surprises.  We will also have milk.  People that are struggling are encouraged to be a part of the food giveaways."

Volunteers are welcome!  "We always ask the volunteers to come at 3 o'clock---the same time the doors open.  The food giveaways begin at 4 o'clock in the Armory building at the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds."

Pastor Hayes says there are no questions asked!  "We make it really easy for people.  We don't even ask them to show us their driver licenses.  If they have a neighbor or friend in need---they are welcome to come out, get a box and go through the line for them."

Since the weekly food giveaways began over 3 years ago, over 3 and a half million pounds of food have been given away.