In the 2 weeks leading up to the "Big Game", the "World Championship", the "Clash on the Gridiron", I wasn't sure if there would be an actual football game played, or if it was all just background for the delivery of the most expensive commercials on the planet.

No one was talking about the game (well, outside of ESPN, which had their usual 13 day pre-game show...and then didn't air the game). No, it was all about spending the 3 or 4 million dollars for 30 seconds of "wham-bam-buy-my-product- ma'am".

So then, first the commercials: I guess I thought the best was the one from Xcel know, the one that showed us what happens when you don't pay the light bill? Yeah, yeah, it did seem a little long, but it sure got everyone's attention and isn't that what a good commercial is supposed to do? Besides, it gave me enough time to write a check, put it in the envelope, run out to the mailbox and drop it in. (I know, I know, geez Randy, you still pay bills by mail? What, does the Pony Express gallop by and pick it up?).

2nd best commercial? Well, just let me ask you this: Has there ever been anyone better at getting a point across than Paul Harvey? Powerful...and aren't you glad God worked on that 8th day?

Oh, and the baby Clydesdale that grew up, saw his owner at the parade and came over to him. I'm not sure I'd run out and buy Budweiser but I'd sure like to have that horse. Loyalty is a good thing.

Worst commercial? The "" thing with the model and the computer nerd...ah...I only threw up a little in my mouth until the close-up and the noises, then I had to hit the bathroom.

Now as far as the game (did you notice? Between the commercials there was a football game....who know??). Bit of advice from an old broadcaster here: Not a great idea to have live microphones around people who just won something big or lost something big. The losers might pop you in the mouth. The winners are celebrating and don't particularly care that you're hauling around a microphone. One thing we found out is, wow, Joe Flacco was happy his squad won! Nothing like an ad-libbed F-Bomb during the biggest broadcast of the year. Oh, I didn't mind, I was still rinsing my mouth out from the commercial. Isn't live TV wonderful! Thank goodness he didn't have a wardrobe malfunction!

Which brings me to the half-time show. I'll just admit it here and nw: I didn't get it. And that's plum fine, I'm not supposed to. I understand Beyonce' is the biggest star on the planet (I really don't know if she is, but if she's half-time at the Super Bowl, she must be close!). It's just not for me, but I'll bet my Grand Daughter Hailey was groovin' to it (Groovin'? Groovin'? Really Grandpa?).

Oh, the game? Yeah, somebody won, the other team lost and we'll do it all over again in a year! What number will it be? 48...and keep your Roman Numerals.