The 85th Annual "Tri-State Boy's Basketball Tournament" is going on tonight and tomorrow in gyms all across the Sioux Falls and surrounding area.

The tournament is sponsored by the Sioux Falls Family YMCA.

In 1930, A. S. Sandy Anderson had this idea to start up a one day, tri-state tournament.  That first year 16 teams showed up from Des Moines, Aberdeen, Plankinton, and Sioux Falls.  A total of 112 boys and young men played in the tournament, and all the games were held in one gym.

Today, the tournament has grown to the point where teams play in virtually every available gym throughout Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.  And still, all the games are played in less than 24 hours.

This year a total of 168 teams from four states are scheduled to compete.  That figures out to be roughly 1,600 players and 252 games.

Because of the growth of the tournament over the years, it now takes literally hundreds of volunteers to stage the event; everything from referees to scorers to timekeepers and gym supervisors.

Admission is $5 for each game.  All tourney passes are available for $10.  Children 12 and under are admitted free.