We became acquainted with Gomer Pyle in 1962 and it wasn't long before us kids would go to school and repeat the 'Shazam!' that Gomer made famous.

Gomer became an integral part of 'The Andy Griffith Show' when Howard McNear (Floyd The Barber) took a respite because of health reasons.  Gomer stepped in and we were hooked on this simpleton character that had a heart as big as all North Carolina.

When Gomer joined the Marines in his own show 'Gomer Pyle USMC' in 1964, we went right along with him out to the Marine Base in California.  His antics continued with the hard core Sgt. Carter and the rest of his Marine buddies.

'Gomer Pyle USMC' ran until 1969 making Gomer Pyle one of the biggest TV star characters of the entire decade.

Gomer was such a fantastic character that you almost forget who played him to perfection!  It was, of course, Jim Nabors.  And who can forget that beautiful singing voice! My Mom loved Jim Nabors singing and I can still remember we had an eight-track of Jim singing Christmas classics. (If you're young enough that you don't know what an eight-track is, well, we'll explain that another day).

The Alabama born Jim Nabors is retired now and is 83 years old.