Mindless? Well, that's a little harsh. Socially important? Well, that might be a stretch.  Funny? Bingo!

'Gilligan's Island' only ran for three seasons, from 1964-67, a total of 98 1/2 hour episodes.  And yet, here we are nearly a half century later and we can still sing along to the theme song.

We fell in love with the folks stranded on that little island.  We never questioned how the Professor could build amazing things, yet couldn't figure out how to get themselves rescued!

The Skipper, Gilligan, the Professor, Mr. and Mrs. Howell and of course Ginger and Maryann.  And the question everyone asked: So, are you a 'Ginger' or a 'Maryann'?

Okay, go ahead, play the opening of the show and sing along to a great TV memory.

We're all glad that '3 hour tour' turned into a 3 season all-time TV comedy hit!