George Strait's career is an abomination.  It's not only improbable, it's impossible!

No artist has ever had 60 number one hit's...ever.  Not just in Country Music, but in any musical genre'.  Not the Beatles, not the Stones, not Elton John, not any of the legendary Hank's of Country music.

Merle hasn't done it, Buck didn't, no one.  Ronnie Milsap had an astounding 40, Conway came close with 55, an incredible accomplishment and one that certainly would never be broken.

And then this Texas fella named George came along.

In 1981 he had his first Top Ten single, 'Unwound'.  Hmmm, a great country song.  Can this young pup follow it up?

Yep, he could, with another Top Ten hit in early '82 called 'If You're Thinking You Want A Stranger (There's One Coming Home)'.  In fact, that was a Top Five hit.  Would he ever get a #1, a chart-topper?

The follow=up single proved that, yes...yes he would get a #1.  It was the first titled 'Fool Hearted Memory'.



59 more number one hit's have followed.  Oh, I know, I know, you have your favorite...or favorites.  It might be 'The Chair', maybe 'Amarillo By Morning', perhaps 'I Hate Everything'.  Heck, it could be any one...there's 60 to choose from!

George's latest single is 'I Got A Car'.  It isn't number one....uh, yet anyway.  After all, 61 #1 hit's would be impossible!!  Just like 60 was.