She's everywhere, she's everywhere! She's Flo, and she's talking about insurance. And I mean, she's talking about it on every channel.

Through the years there have been numerous TV commercial spokesperson's. And famous commercial things!

From 'Speedy' to 'The Noid', from the loneliest man in the world, the Maytag Repairman, to Madge who would put ladies fingers into dish washing liquid because, well, just because.

Now we have Flo. I have to say, I like Flo's commercials. Now, I'm neither pro nor con on the product, you can decide that, but I like her.

So, who exactly is Flo?

Well, Flo is actually Stephanie Courtney and you may have seen her on 'Mad Men' or a short lived 2007 comedy 'Cavemen' on ABC. She has even been on other commercials, for Skittles, General Mills and Bud Light.

But now she is Flo and this member of the Groundlings improvisational comedy troop from Los Angeles will join the other advertising icon's (Clara Peller, 'Where's The Beef?") in television history.

My favorite Flo commercial? Check her out in all the roles of this ad. Now that's fun!