Sadie is a beautiful five-year-old who just received some sobering and quite upsetting information about her little brother. He apparently is going to grow up! Who knew! When she realized he wouldn't stay this adorable bundle of joy forever, she was quite verklempt!

Well who wouldn't be? Growing up stinks! As my mom always used to say, "I may have to grow older, but I refuse to grow up!!"

This is quite different behavior from my niece Leah when she was little. At one point, when she was around three-years-old, she was being mean to her baby brother Mikey by stripping him out of his swim trunks and putting them on herself. As he sat naked and crying in their baby pool, I asked her why she didn't like him. She said very calmly, that he was useless, "he can't run or play or anything!" I told her that he would grow up soon enough and her threatening response was, "he better!"

Now as adults they are great friends, but I was worried for awhile when they were tiny! At least we know Sadie adores her little sib.