(NPN) – Fewer than 400 South Dakotans have obtained health care insurance through the healthcare.gov from Oct. 1. to Nov. 30, 2013.

These latest figures from the federal Health and Human Services Department does not include enrollments since the site was supposed to be “fixed” on Dec. 1.
The government reported the following statistics about South Dakotans’ success with the site during its first two months of operation:
  • Total Number of Completed Applications: 3,114
  • Individuals Applying for Coverage in Completed Applications: 6,505
  • Total Eligible to Enroll in a Marketplace Plan: 4,636
  • Eligible to Enroll in a Marketplace Plan with Financial Assistance: 1,863·
  • Determined or Assessed Eligible for Medicaid/CHIP by the Marketplace: 540
  • Pending/Other: 1,329
  • Number of Individuals Who Have Selected a Marketplace Plan: 372