An interesting story here about major league pitcher, Felix Hernandez. He gave out an expensive gift to a fellow player.

First of all, when you get paid as much money that this guy makes, you can give out nice presents. And I believe the person he gave it to deserves it.

I asked the question one time if a normal guy like me could pick up a bat and ever stand a chance of actually hitting a ball thrown by a pro pitcher. The answer was that you couldn't even catch a ball thrown by a major league pitcher.

With that said, we must realize the expertise of the guys behind the plate. The catcher probably has the hardest job in the game.

Last year, John Jaso was the catcher for the Seattle Mariners when Felix Hernandez pitched his perfect game. Monday night, when the Mariners and A's got together to start the season, Felix gave John a Rolex watch to say 'Thanks for the great job behind the plate.'