Don Henley. Glenn Frey. Timothy B. Schmidt. Joe Walsh. They are the Eagles today.

Beginning in the early 1970's, the Eagles transcended the boundaries of music. Were they Country? Were they Rock? Pop? Easy Listening?

They were all of it. And more. And now a new documentary tells their story.

(AP) - Don Henley says the press likes to make a big deal about how The Eagles don't always get along, but the truth is a lot of times they have a lot of fun. He says that comes across in the documentary "History of The Eagles," which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Glenn Frey says they were serious about the music but they really had a good time along the way. Joe Walsh says some of the concert footage blew him away because he had no idea they were that good.

"History of The Eagles" will debut in two parts February 15 and 16 on Showtime. Henley says they're also planning a tour for June that will likely be their last.