If you love classic country (and don't we all!), you love Dwight Yoakam.

His great classic's from the late 80's and through the 90's are staples here at KXRB and KXRB.com.  Great hit's like 'Little Sister', 'Fast As You', 'Ain't That Lonely Yet' and so many more.

And he's still putting out great music!  Crank it up when you hear Dwight on KXRB!

And he's also a respected actor, as his turn in 'Switch Blade' was a critical success (and the movie was a commercial success too).

So, with all that being said, have you seen Dwight in the CBS series 'Under The Dome'?

Now, 'Under The Dome' is probably not everyone's 'cup of tea'.  The series is based on the Stephen King novel.  While many know that I'm pretty much a history reader specifically and a non-fiction fan generally, I heartily admit I've been a Stephen King fan for decades.  And I loved 'Under The Dome'.  So, I'm watching the series, too.

And who shows up a few weeks ago?  Why, that's Dwight Yoakam!

Without trying to explain the plot of the series or Dwight's characters role in it. suffice to say, well....it's weird.  It's Stephen King.

Check out Dwight in the video clip below.

And by the way, 'Under The Dome' airs Monday night's at 9 on CBS.