Everyone has had that morning that you wake up from a very weird dream and wonder what it meant. There's a new website that will help you figure it out.

I've had dreams that I was in a city that I've never been to with someone I've never met, or had dreams of people I knew a lifetime ago but we're on horseback (I've never been on a horse!) to some dreams that are WAY to bizarre to share with the world here, but a new website will help you dissect the dream.

A website called DreamsCloud wants to help you find out what your dreams mean, offering analysis within 24 hours of the description of your dream that you upload to the site or mobile app.

A team of experts, including licensed psychologists, social workers and life coaches, combine their expertise to provide the free dream analyses, called "reflections," to users. Robert L. Van de Castle, who is an adviser to DreamsCloud, told Yahoo News, "My life mission is to get people executed about dreams. It's our one common language." Van de Castle notes, however, that the dream reflections aren't scientific.