It's hard to believe that we are about to see the legend himself, George Jones, reach the end of his music career. George will put out what will be his final album.

And who will help him on the project? Non other than Dolly Parton!

In all my years working with country music quite extensively, I don't ever remember these two working together on anything. Dolly and George have had a vast amount of hits individually, as well as each having a great number of duet partners. But, I can't think of even one song that they ever teamed up on. The only thing I can recall now as I think hard, is George singing with Dolly on the song 'Rockin' Years' in the early 90's, before Dolly would have Ricky Van Shelton sing with her on the hit record.

Now they team up on an entire album. This is an interesting story to say the least, with two music icons finally joining together to work on a final album for one of them, that being George.

Jones tells Billboard Parton is writing most of the music and he's just waiting for her to tell him what to sing and when to sing it. Jones will perform his final concerts as "The Grand Tour" begins Saturday outside Memphis.

Jones has been reflecting a lot on his career and he says he wants to be remembered "as a singer who stayed true to country music and did it my way." Many country artists refer to George as the greatest country singer of all time. George considers Dolly to be one of the greatest song writers ever, and he's proud to have her write for his last release.

I find it sad that the forth coming album will be his last. But, with that said, I'm looking forward to hear the music contained on it. It's sure to be awesome.