OK, for the sake of honesty, what's my all-time favorite comedy?  Hmmm...probably 'Seinfeld'.  Maybe 'MASH'.  'All In The Family' and 'Andy Griffith Show' would figure right up there in the fight for the best, too.

But let me say this.  If 'Leave It To Beaver' isn't my all-time favorite, well, it has a very special, very warm place in my heart of TV memories.  Honest to goodness, even I see one of the 50 year old+ re-runs on one of the cable channel's I have to stop and watch.  And chances are, after about 30 seconds, I'll know which episode it is.

Ward, June, Wally and the Beav.  Those were the main characters, of course, the Cleaver family.  But didn't you love the others, the friends?  Wally had Eddie and Lumpy.  And the Beaver?  Well, can you name these 3 pictured her?

On the left is Judy Hensler, not so much a friend as an antagonist...kind of like a younger female Eddie haskell.  The part was played by Jeri Weil. She's now 65 years old and lives in Los Angeles.

In the middle is 'Whitey' Whitney, Beaver's close friend, portrayed by Stanley Fafara.  He passed away on his 54th birthday in 2003 from complications of hernia surgery in Portland, Oregon.

And on the right is, of course, Beaver's best friend Larry Mondello.  Larry was played by 'Rusty' Stevens and will soon celebrate his 65th birthday.