Chuck Norris, the actor and martial arts expert, once said: Running from your fears is more painful than facing them.  I know that for a fact!

As a child, I stammered and stuttered while speaking in front of people.  So, I avoided speaking before others as much as I could.  Yet, I really wanted to become a radio announcer and a public speaker.  But, how can a kid who avoids speaking in a school classroom make a living as a communicator later on in life.

Instead of running from my problems, I finally confronted them!  I worked with a speech coach for several years and garnered enough confidence to enter a speech contest.  I actually won 3rd place!  I then decided to pursue my goal as a radio announcer.  After months of calling the station owner, I was hired at the age of 15.  I was now an on air radio announcer.

If fear has taken control of your life, my message is this:  "Feel the fear and do it anyway!"