Remember when it was once said that men prefer blondes? Times have changed in every way, including on this subject.

Gentlemen no longer prefer blondes. Now, according to studies, most believe brunettes make better wives and girlfriends.

The study found that men see women with dark hair like Kelly Brook or Kate Middleton as 'deeper' and 'more sensible' than those with blonde hair. What does the color of hair have to do with anything?

It also emerged that men think brunettes take better care of their appearance, make better cooks and are more proficient at keeping the house clean. Other 'wife-like' attributes men think brunettes are likely to possess include dependability, a willingness to be more experimental in the bedroom, and an aptitude for saving money.

The study of 1,000 men showed 54 percent of men would choose a brunette to be their wife, 16 percent would opt for a lady with fair hair, while 30 percent don't have a preference. However, it's not all bad news for blondes: the study shows men believe they are more likely to be 'outgoing and bubbly' than brunettes.

All I have to say in closing is, for generations countless brunettes have been dying their hair blonde in hopes of being more attractive. Has it all been a waste of time and money?