The street is NOT the problem.  However the contractor, needs safe passageway to get into and out of the affected area. 

The final cleanup and restoration of the Emerald Acres Drainage Channel Project is closing the westbound lane of 69th Street from Mustang Avenue to Shadow Ridge Avenue to allow the contractor to access the drainage channel.

Eastbound traffic will flow as normal, but westbound cars will shift into the middle turning lane to accommodate equipment and crew that need to get into the drainage channel on the north side of 69th Street.  This project should be completed before Memorial Day.

At the top center of the image is what the channel will look like when it meets the street.  The parallel lines mark the edges of the concrete that will help water flow through this drainage channel.  The gravel road in the picture is a temporary path for equipment to navigate the area but not tear up the soil in the process.

(Dan Peters/KSOO)