'Then Came Bronson' will never be mentioned in the conversation about the biggest series hit's in the history of television.  It will never make the Top Ten list of best television series ever made.  Heck, I suspect most people don't even remember the show.

After all, it only ran for one season, from September 1969 until September 1970.  Only 26 episodes in all.  And you never see it in rerun's (most series would have at least 100 episodes before they go into syndication and are re-run for years).

So what's the point of bringing up this NBC one-season series from 45 years ago?

Because for some reason....it hit me.  I was a young teenage when the show came on, and I suppose it smacked me right in my 'wheelhouse'.  The idea of a cool looking guy just getting on his motorcycle and exploring the country, meeting interesting people, being...totally free.

When you're 14 years old, that has some pretty good charm to it.  Still does, kind of, doesn't it?

The actor who played James Bronson was Michael Parks, stocking cap on his head 'just so' and just a little bit dangerous looking on his bike.

Oh, and that bike by the way? A 1969 XLH 900cc Harley Davidson Sportster.

Yep, super cool.

A lot of Hollywood stars appeared as guest's on the show, from a young Kurt Russell to Will Geer to James Whitmore.

Oh, and one more reason I probably liked the show?  Well, it was on NBC, one of the two channel's we got on the TV.  So, I guess i didn't care for whatever was on the other channel!

Let's hop on the Harley with Bronson and take a ride through the opening credits.