Let's go back in time, you and I.

It's 1957.

Chevy has introduced their new model and, perhaps unknown at the time, it will become an iconic automotive model in years to come.

Everyone across the country likes Ike.  The Yankees win another World Series and baseball fans either really love them or really hate them (Hmm...some things never change!).  And there's some kid Senator from Massachusetts we're starting to hear about.  Kennedy, I believe his name is.

Televisions have now entered many, if not most, homes across America.  A dazzling black and white picture, this hefty piece of boob-tube furniture probably has a doily on top with a plant or a lamp.  (You younger folks, believe it or not, TV's were not razor thin in 1957...it took four grown men to haul one into the house, it took a couples minutes to warm up, there were tubes.....aw, never mind, let's just say they were, well, different.

And in Country Music television, there was 'The Ranch Party'.

Hosted by Country Music and Cowboy Legend Tex Ritter, the show featured the biggest Country Music names of the day.  In this great episode, Tex is joined by Patsy Cline, Bobby Helms and more.