As a little kid, some of my favorite toys were the little green plastic Army guys.  Remember those?

I'd set them up by the dozens all around my bedroom upstairs at that little Minnesota farmhouse.  Some up on the dresser. others under the bed, still more on the window sill or maybe peeking our from under the throw rug.  The battle was about to begin!

Of course, even better than those little green fella's (they came in a clear plastic bag and were pretty cheap!) was the one guy you wanted more than any other.

G.I. Joe!

Every birthday or Christmas, while you were maybe hoping for a bike or an electric train were also hoping that smaller package there, underneath the tree or by the birthday cake, held the ultimate battling prize...G.I. Joe.

Now why did we want to have our very own G.I. Joe (or many Joe's if we could!)?

Because of a television commercial, like the one above.  It just looked so fun!

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