Before Kenny and Dolly, there was Kenny and Dottie.

While most Country Music fans (and Classic Country Music fans) probably remember Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton the most, thanks in large part to the biggest duet Country hit in history, 'Islands In The Stream', the pairing of Kenny Rogers with the legendary Dottie West proved to be extremely successful

One of the duo's biggest hit's came in 1979 with 'All I Ever Need is You'. But for many music fans, gee, that song sounded familiar.  I mean it sounded really familiar!

And it should.  Because 8 years earlier, in 1971, the Pop Music duo of Sonny and Cher had a huge Top 10 Pop hit with the same song!  And in the video below, Sonny and Cher sing their hit single in December, 1971 on their hit TV show.

But wait, here's another version of the classic that you may not have heard.  Two Country Music Legends (and two of the finest guitar pickers in the history of recorded music) put their unique stamp  on the song.  Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins!

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