Is there a more legendary name in the entire history of Country Music than George Jones?

The Possum.  Ol' No-Show.  And some of the biggest hit songs ever recorded.

Including, of course, the song that most Country Music historians say is the best ever.  'He Stopped Loving Her Today'.

Now then, let's movie down this aisle at the Country Music all of Fame.

There he is, one of the most honored performers in all of Country Music.  Charley Pride.

'The pride Of Country Music' had #1 after #1 after #1...too many to list.  But his signature song, the biggest of all?  That would be, without a doubt, 'Kiss An Angel Good Morning'.  How many times have you sung along with that all time great?

So, just for fun and to see what happens, let's have the one legend (George) sing the other legend's (Charley) classic!  Here we go...



But of course, there's nothing like the original, so....Ladies and Gentlemen, tap your toes and sing along with the great Charley Pride!