Very few artist's can claim to have a 'signature song', that one hit that, at least to some degree, defines who that artist is.

Johnny Paycheck's would be 'Take This Job And Shove It', although he had many more great hits.

Loretta Lynn's would be 'Coal Miners Daughter'.

Conway Twitty? Well, with over 50 #1 hits, his would still be 'Hello Darlin''.  I'm sure he couldn't do a show without singing that country standard.

Charley Pride?  Well, 'Kiss An Angel Good Morning' would be the one he could never have a concert without.

So, let's do a little classic criss/crossing and take the Conway smash and have Charley do it.



Yep, a great song is a great song, no matter who tackles it.  But of course, there's only one original.